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May 13, 2010



Policy Violation -- Oh, VERY funny!

Journal Entry: Thu May 13, 2010, 11:19 PM
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Kiriban: 150,000 pageviews (Only the first person to send me a screenshot of that EXACT pageview will get a request drawing from me, up to three characters. Only that exact number counts, not one or two pageviews more or less. Also, if more than one person catches the kiriban, the first one to send me a note will get the request drawing.)

Policy Violation - Oh, VERY funny!

UPDATE May 14th:
Very, very funny. Another one of my deviations got deleted, this one showing Haruka hugging topless Michiru, and you couldn't even SEE anything, Haruka was covering Michi's breasts. But yes, yes, they are minors in the series. *rolls eyes*

Oh, and guess what? My ticket submitted to the HelpDesk on May 7th still hasn't even been assigned to a HD operator. Though even when it does, do you think I am all that optimistic that I am going to get a proper, non-default answer which took into consideration all our arguments? Nope, I don't, really.

UPDATE May 7th:
Still no reply for me. :iconelianthos80: did get a reply, but it only referred back to the FAQ and the rules, which we have all seen already. But our actual questions and arguments never got addressed.
Oh, and I just saw that my ticket (inquiry) on the matter was marked as SOLVED by the mod who replied the first time, AFTER I sent another reply to the same ticket with a new question. That's plain RUDE.

This is my new inquiry (I know my tone wasn't so kind in this one, but can you blame me?):

"Dear HelpDesk Staff Member(s),

this is my second inquiry regarding the matter.

Not so long ago, some of my Sailor Moon fanart got deleted due to featuring "Underage Erotica". I sent an inquiry about why this happened. and was kindly linked to the (new) rule which forbids us to make the characters older than they were in the series/manga. So far, so good.

Only, I sent another reply to that same inquiry, asking specifically about Sailor Moon - in the manga, we see the characters which I depicted in my removed deviations as adults (over 18) at the end of the manga. We see the main characters getting married. Therefore, they are established as characters who were once teens, but also grew up.
Still, my pieces were removed with the explanation that the characters depicted had been established as underage.

This second inquiry of mine got simply ignored, and it was marked as SOLVED by the mod who dealt with it, even though I personally don't feel that no reply at all answered my question.

Our list of arguments as to why this rule should not apply to Sailor Moon has been kindly explained by Elianthos80 (whose inquiries also remained either unanswered, or not properly answered) here:… and here:…

As someone who pays for a group subscription and also for my account's sub when I don't get it as a gift from someone else or a contest, I feel that I deserve my questions to at least be properly answered, and not just ignored. Good customer service and such.

I hope this inquiry will follow in a proper explanation on:
1) why our previous inquiries got so kindly ignored
2) why our arguments aren't taken into consideration
3) why the rule applies to Sailor Moon even though the characters were obviously adult at one point in the manga (and this wasn't a flashback or fast forward)

I thank you for your time."

I am going to send another inquiry. Just because I feel that our financing of this place also deserves proper answers to our questions.

UPDATE April 28th:
Five whole days have passed since my reply to the HelpDesk, and still I got no reply back. I wonder if they will bother to reply at all. If not, I'll just send a new inquiry.

NEW UPDATE April 22nd:
Just got a reply. For easier understanding, this is what I wrote to them:

recently a few of my Sailor Moon-related fanarts were removed, with an explanation of it being "Underage Erotica". One of the images depicted the older characters with nipples drawn, and the other depicted one character, also meant to be over 18, in Barbie-doll style nudity (no nipples or explicit depiction of genitalia).

I was explained by some other artists that some new(er) rule on dA doesn't allow making characters older than they were in the series.

If this is the case, I guess I can understand the first one (with drawn nipples) being removed.

However, in the last chapter Sailor Moon manga, the main character (who was depicted in the second image) was already 18, and mild (Barbie-doll style) nudity was present in both anime and manga. Some of the scenes from the original anime and manga actually served as inspiration for that second image that got removed.

So for this reason I am curious as to why I am not allowed to draw and post something that was a part of the actual series, especially since the character was 18 (or older) at the end of the manga?

I am sorry if I fail to understand the rules, but that is why I am asking for clarification, so as to not break the rules again.

I will be very grateful if you can explain how this works.

Thank you very much for your time.

I wish you a very nice day. "

This was the reply I got today:

"Our apologies for the delay!
      Thank you for contacting deviantART, I will be assisting you with your support ticket.

      I've checked the records associated with the deleted pieces and I can see that the reason they were deleted was due to the fact that the characters depicted come from an established series and in that series they are primarily portrayed as being under the age of eighteen(18).

      Our rules prohibit established underage characters from being depicted in any sort of nude, erotic, or sexual manner and all instances of these depictions are removed immediately as they come to the attention of the staff.
      You can find more information on our restrictions for the use of these characters at the FAQ located here;

      If you have any questions please let me know. "

So basically I feel my question about the fact that Usagi was 18 at the end of the manga was simply ignored, so now I sent a reply again:
"   Hi,

      as I stated in my original inquiry, I understand that one is not allowed to make the characters older and nude.

      However, as I also stated, the character depicted in the Barbie-doll style featuring piece was 18 at the end of the manga (which is adult in Europe, where I come from), and such Barbie-doll style nudity is present all over the Sailor Moon manga and anime.

      So I fail to see how this falls under the mentioned rule.

      I am sorry if I fail to see the point, and I know I am being a nag, but I just don't see how that particular piece was against the mentioned rule.

      Thank you. "

So we shall see whether I get a reply on this exact question soon.

UPDATE April 22nd:
It's been 5 days, and still no reply from the HelpDesk. According to their own note, they should reply within 72 hours. But oh well, I guess I will give them a few more days. If I don't get a reply then, I will resend the very same inquiry again. And if I then get absolutely no reply, then well - I guess I know how important dA's members are to its staff. And I hope that I am wrong here and that they actually do care.

On another note, thanks to the recommendation of :iconunconventionalsenshi: I have decided to join another site, which is dedicated to anime erotic art. I like erotic art but haven't drawn much of it before, but taken into consideration all the stupid things that happened in my private life and all the drama over Barbie-doll-style nudity here on dA, I decided to draw some actual erotic art.

And you know what? It is extremely relaxing. Perverted sometimes, yes. Like I care.

Anyways, due to all the kiddies out there I am not allowed to give links to the site or my gallery here in public, but anyone interested may note me. NOTE: You have to be over 18, otherwise you won't get the link from me.

Oh, and I haven't uploaded any works there YET, but I will do so within the next few weeks.

I need to do something about this depression inside me.

Because I just don't understand this new rule, I decided to contact the HelpDesk about it after all. I explained that I don't understand why my Barbie-doll nudity-depicting image was removed, especially since Usagi was actually 18 at the end of the manga.

I'll let you know if I get a reply.

Some of my SM fanart featuring mild nudity got removed for depicting "Underage Erotica"?!

Oh come on, I always make the characters in the images look at least 18 or older! I NEVER, EVER depict minors!

Plus, it was BARBIE DOLL STYLE nudity, which is present both in the actual anime as well as manga!!!!!

Thank you to the person who reported it. Get yourself a life.

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inkscribble Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
But they don't really actually have one, do they? I mean, they're 16-17 for one season, and 18-19 for's not like Usagi, who appears at 18 or 19 for a mini chapter at the end...they're more sort of half and half, no? So doesn't that mean that you could just as well say that their average age is 18? Or does Super weigh more because they appear more frequently in it or something? Or perhaps those official profiles from Super or whatnot saying their 16 has weight or something?
silver-eyes-blue Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Apparently, most of the time they are minors (since Usagi is only 18 at the evry end of the manga), so that is what counts. Even though she was established as a chara who can grow up.
pink-gizzy Featured By Owner May 17, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Chibiusa is 902 years old. ;)
I fought this fight because of SM-PinUps, too and lost. Prudery and being uptight won.
Just ignore all this stuff.
It doesn´t count that you can see them naked without nipples in the manga and anime, there is a picture of a topless Usagi in an official artbook, too. It doesn`t count ... No sex or being naked for characters of a kids series. The mature tag doesn`t help, too. The little prudes want to be upset. -__-
Can you send me the link via note please?
silver-eyes-blue Featured By Owner May 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
The link to the other place where I am now, you mean?
pink-gizzy Featured By Owner May 17, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes. :)
inkscribble Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
Aaaah, I see! Because they're possibly 17 in the SuperS manga arc and they appear more frequently as 16 or 17 year olds in Super. Got it.

Yeah. I DEFINITELY think that's overthinking things. Oy. Poor you!
silver-eyes-blue Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Sugar-Senshi Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
What?! ... *sigh*

[link] I wonder how long this will last...DX
Miss-Miyamoto Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
we need a new place to be don't we >.>
and who the hell keeps reporting you?!
silver-eyes-blue Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
No idea.
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